Pink multi-functional wall paint teaches you to create a sweetheart princess room

In the pink wedding room, all the impetuosity and annoyance in the winter day, from the moment of entering the door, shut the door heavily and enjoy the gentle romance like spring light.

Recommended product one: Flexible and elastic without cracking \ Environmental protection and clean taste healthy home- Nippon elastic anti-crack and taste full effect latex paint

Reference price: 598 yuan / 5L

Product introduction : Elastic anti-crack and pure taste full effect "interior wall latex paint, the paint film has super elasticity, can be freely expanded and contracted with the slight changes of the substrate and the cracks caused by thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature difference The product's anti-crack ability.

Recommended product two: formaldehyde buster, ready to install and live-Sankeqing Qingaldehyde full effect interior wall paint

Reference price : 498 yuan / 6L

Product introduction : Sankeshu aldehyde-clearing full-effect health wall paint adopts formaldehyde purification technology to efficiently remove formaldehyde pollution in newly-decorated interiors. The smell is fresh and natural, and has more than 20 excellent functions. It is a new generation of formaldehyde-removing health products.

Recommended product three: high-efficiency cleansing, strengthen antibacterial-Nippon gold formaldehyde anti-formaldehyde cleansing full effect interior wall latex paint

Reference price: 488 yuan / 5L

Product introduction : Nippon Gold's anti-formaldehyde pure taste full-effect interior wall latex paint is a brand-new high-end product with a perfect combination of "Nippon Pure Taste" technology and "Formaldehyde Decomposition" technology. It can not only achieve a true clean taste, but also effectively decompose formaldehyde in indoor air into water molecules that are harmless to the human body. At the same time, the enhanced "antibacterial function" can more effectively protect the health of family members.

Recommend product four: Owners who have children, pursue high-end products, and pay attention to environmental protection -Dulux Fresh Charcoal Wall Paint

Reference price : 558 yuan / 5L

Product introduction : Specially added "natural activated bamboo charcoal factor", combined with "efficient aldehyde removal technology", it can form a layer of powerful purification filter on the surface of the paint film to capture and purify the formaldehyde, benzene and more This kind of harmful substance keeps the indoor air fresh and natural, and more comprehensively cares for the health of family members.

Recommended product five: Naughty families suitable for rubbing and bumping resistance -Dulux diamond diamond full-effect wall paint

Reference price: 438 yuan / 5L

Product introduction : Dulux Diamond Diamond Pure Taste Full Effect Wall Paint is a high-grade wall paint with excellent rugged function, adhering to the excellent and comprehensive functions of Dulux full effect series, and its high-tech formula not only has the ability to effectively cover micro cracks Mold, anti-yellowing and other functions, especially the use of innovative diamond technology, which brings double wear-resistant super wall surface, effectively reduce the daily scratches, more easily wipe away daily household stains, and always keep the wall smooth and flat . Excellent long-lasting protection, the wall is double firm.

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Stainless Steel Chef Knife

EXCEPTIONALLY SHARP STAINLESS STEEL KNIVES: We use quality commercial grade stainless steel for an exceptionally sharp blade. As a result, slicing and cutting with these knives is effortless and will not dull quickly. With this grade of steel the knives are the most rust resistant steel knives you can buy as well as dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning.

ONE PIECE STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Our stainless steel commercial chef kitchen knives set are constructed with just one piece of quality stainless steel so there is no worry about the blades becoming loose or falling off. The carefully designed ergonomically correct handles are not only comfortable to hold, well balanced for all sized hands but will allow for safe precision handling. The knife blades and handles are specifically designed for easy cleaning and leaves no space for food particl

EASY TO USE & CLEAN: Our chef knife set is made to make your life easier not make things harder which is why we designed to be easy to use and just as easy to clean.

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Stainless Steel Chef Knife

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