Principle of cleanliness detector in portable hydraulic oil


Please refer to the figure for the components and the appendix for the component type. Be familiar with the component model and its name before using the instrument.

Check the unused analysis membrane to keep the membrane cartridge clean and sufficient solvent and check if the flashlight is available before going on a business trip. Make a sample bottle in the box a waste collection bottle and label it. This bottle is used for Collect the waste fluid used to flush the hose before sampling in the tank. A comparison sample and operating instructions for the degree of contamination of the oil should be kept in the box, which is placed in the foam and behind.

Obtaining an oil sample must be taken from the system at the operating temperature of the system, ie, during system operation or immediately after the system stops. Before sampling the sampling valve to the sampling valve, wipe off the dirt outside the valve and open the valve to allow enough liquid (approx. through the valve into the waste container or back to the tank, so that the existing valve will be flushed before you take the sample. In the pollutants, collect the liquid sample into a clean bottle, close the cap and close the sampling valve. Do not adjust the sampling valve when filling the sample.

Sampling in the fuel tank When sampling from the fuel tank or sump, first insert one end of the hose into the round mouth of the vacuum pump protrusion, push the hose all the way until it extends from the bottom of the vacuum pump and tighten the end cap (clockwise), then collect the liquid. Screw the bottle onto the vacuum pump, insert the other end of the hose into the liquid level in the oil and start operating the vacuum pump. When reaching the 2/3 level in the bottle, unscrew the bottle from the vacuum pump and pour the liquid into the bottle. The liquid collection tank is then screwed onto the second sampling bottle to take a second liquid sample, and the cap of the sampling bottle cap is removed.

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