Read the knowledge of the soles to improve your health

Every night before going to sleep, knocking the soles of your feet with your fists can eliminate the fatigue of the day; your feet will sway in the air for 5-6 minutes, which will help to improve your sleep; walking barefoot, walking easily, helping to improve your health; Stimulate the soles of the feet, which can promote the metabolism of the whole body and enhance the function of the internal organs. Xiaobian recommends to you ten Chinese medicine soles to keep you healthy every day.

TCM soles can maintain the goal of treating diseases and strengthening the body. Because there is a direct connection between the specific part of the foot and the organs in the body, there are reflection areas of the organs at the bottom of the foot. After some organs have lesions, they can reflect the corresponding reflection area on the reflection area. Can promote local blood circulation. So, how does Chinese medicine promote health through the soles of the feet?

TCM soles have two characteristics: one is that anyone can practice anytime, anywhere, and the method of pressing and tapping is easy to master, and it takes less time. The second is based on the theory and diagnosis and treatment experience of Chinese medicine. The specific methods are scientific and operative:

First, knock on the sole of the foot

Every night before going to sleep, knocking the soles of your feet with your fists can eliminate the fatigue of the day. By tapping the soles of the feet with appropriate stimulation, the blood circulation of the whole body can be promoted, the function of the internal organs can be enhanced, and the correct tapping method can be restored as soon as possible. The sole of the foot is centered and radiated rhythmically around. With a little pain, you can sit on the bed or chair with your legs crossed and put your feet on the knees of the other leg. This makes it easier to strike each foot separately. Knock around 100 times.

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