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First, the generator set can not be started in the daily workers, the most common type of generator set can not be started, resulting in the special equipment can not be used normally. The most common causes of the failure of the generator set to start are as follows:
1. Battery failure If the diesel engine start button is pressed and the diesel engine rotates slowly, which means that the rotation is weak or unable to rotate, the battery should be checked immediately. Use a multimeter to check whether the battery voltage reaches the rated voltage DC24V (Jiangsu Starlight diesel generator battery voltage is 24V). Scientific papers, diesel generator sets. . When the generator is normally in an automatic state, the electronic control module ECM monitors the state of the entire unit and the communication between the EMCP control panel is maintained by the battery power supply. When the external battery charger fails, or the internal self-discharge of the battery will cause the battery to not be replenished and cause a voltage drop. At this point, the battery must be charged. The charging time depends on the discharge condition of the battery and the rated current of the charger. If the situation is urgent or the battery is no longer rechargeable and cannot be stored, the battery must be replaced. In view of the above situation, it is recommended to equip the generator set with a fully automatic dedicated charger to ensure that the battery maintains a constant voltage at all times. In addition, the battery is subjected to a voltage measurement at least once a week. For wet batteries, it is also necessary to check the battery water from time to time between the lowest and highest scale lines, otherwise it should be adjusted to avoid the battery being undercharged or the liquid overflowing during charging. If the maintenance is not proper, the loss of water and acid components inside the battery will not be replenished in time, which will easily reduce the battery capacity and reduce the service life. The chemical reaction principle of lead-acid batteries is as follows:
Side reaction H2 O charging 1/2O2+2H++2eˉ
It can be seen from the above reaction formula that there is a water decomposition reaction during the charging process, and oxygen and hydrogen evolved. This is an important reason why it needs to be regularly added with acid and water.
2. Check if the battery terminal and the connecting cable are in good contact.
If the battery electrolyte is too much replenished during normal maintenance, it will easily overflow the surface of the battery. Corroding the terminal will increase the contact resistance and make the cable connection poor. This may also prevent the generator set from starting. In this case, sand the corrugated layer of the terminal and the cable connector, and then retighten the screw so that the terminal is in full close contact with the electrode wiring. In order to avoid corrosion of the terminal, grease can be applied to the terminal for anti-corrosion treatment.
3. Check if the positive and negative cable wires of the starter motor are secure. Vibration generated during generator operation causes loose wiring and poor contact, which also prevents the generator from starting normally. There is less chance of failure of the starter motor itself, but it cannot be ruled out. Judging the action of the starter motor can be used to test the starter casing of the motor at the moment of starting the engine. If the starter motor is not moving and the casing is cold, the motor is not operating. Scientific papers, diesel generator sets. . Or the starter motor is severely hot, and there is a stimulating burnt smell, then the motor coil has been burned. It takes a long time to repair the motor and it is recommended to replace it directly.
4. In addition to the above circuit failure, there may be a failure of the fuel supply system to cause the generator set to fail to start. For example, there is air in the fuel system, which is a common fault, usually caused by improper handling when replacing the fuel filter element (such as not exhausting after replacing the fuel filter element). After the air enters the pipeline with the fuel, the fuel content in the pipeline is reduced and the pressure is reduced. The engine is unable to start due to the high-pressure injection atomization of the injector opening nozzle above 10297Kpa. At this time, exhaust treatment is required (Jiangsu Xingguang diesel generator needs to be operated by hand pump), and the fuel injection pump can reach the oil pressure of 345Kpa or more. In addition, the fuel pipeline is blocked. For example, the nozzle is blocked, and the diesel engine cannot be started. At this time, the oil passage must be cleaned to make the oil passage unblocked and the generator set can be started.
5. It is also common for the diesel engine air system to malfunction and the generator set cannot be started. This situation is generally due to the staff's neglect of management, the generator is not often maintained, the air filter is not cleaned for a long time, dust and other debris are too much, resulting in the air can not be properly supplied to the diesel engine and the generator set can not start normally. At this point, the air filter needs to be cleaned or replaced, and the fault is eliminated.
Second, the generator set has no output voltage. In daily work, the generator set has no output voltage and is a common fault. There are several reasons for this failure in the generator:
1. Rectifier failure, fume hood, will cause the generator set not only has no voltage output, but also the output frequency is not displayed. Scientific papers, diesel generator sets. . The rectifier assembly must be replaced at this point for quick troubleshooting. It is worth noting that you must choose the model that matches it.
2. When the generator coil is burnt out, it will produce obvious glue smell. Check with a multimeter, the winding terminal resistance is zero (the winding has been sintered to cause a short circuit) or the resistance is infinite (the winding has been blown), at this time the coil winding must be repaired or replaced or the generator replaced directly.
3. If the output voltage meter shows that the voltage is normal, and the power equipment does not reach the power, the generator output switch may be faulty. After replacing the switch, the fault is eliminated.
Third, in addition to the above two aspects of failure, the oil leakage of the diesel engine casing of the generator set is also relatively common. It is mainly caused by damage to the gasket between the cylinder head of the diesel engine, the bottom case and the cylinder block or the screw is not tightened as specified. For this, just replace the gasket or the fastening screw. When tightening the screws, you must pay attention to the middle and then outward, first pre-tighten, and then tighten according to the specified force distance (the maximum force of the screw is: 8N.M), you must also pay attention to tightening one by one in the diagonal order. The order of removal of the cylinder head screws is the reverse of the installation, that is, first inside and outside.
Fourth, the daily management of the generator set The above is the common fault analysis and processing method of the generator set, then talk about the daily management of the generator set. It is often said that "everything is pre-established, not pre-emptive", all work must be planned and take positive precautions so that in the event of an unexpected situation, it will not be shocked, and it will be calm and calm. Therefore, routine maintenance of the generator set is necessary as the most effective preventive measure.
(1) First of all, we must formulate scientific management methods. The following are the management measures formulated by our property center. Strict implementation is also essential.
1. The generator room should be locked at ordinary times. Non-workers are prohibited from entering without the consent of the department head. This can prevent the idle personnel from entering the machine room and change the setting state of the generator due to curiosity. For example, changing the automatic state to manual or inadvertently touching a certain valve to change the valve state brings unnecessary trouble. Scientific papers, diesel generator sets. . It affects the operation of the equipment even when the mains is interrupted.
2, department management personnel must be familiar with the basic performance and operation of the generator, usually should do routine inspection work. The management personnel are familiar with the generator and do routine inspections so that problems can be discovered in time and the hidden troubles can be eliminated. In the event of a generator failure, the fault can be judged in a timely and accurate manner, a solution is proposed, the fault resolution time is shortened, and the power-consuming equipment is restored to normal operation as soon as possible.
3. Managers must keep abreast of whether the reserve of diesel oil is normal, and whether the cooling water, oil level and viscosity, and cleanliness are normal. Ensure that the generator can be put into operation in time when the mains supply is interrupted, avoiding unnecessary time delays.
4, the generator switch should be placed in the automatic start state, and strive to generate electricity during the first time of power interruption, shortening the power outage time.
5. The idle test of the generator once a week. The time must not exceed 15 minutes. Because the fuselage temperature is low when the generator is running at no load, the sealing and sealing performance of the piston and the cylinder wall are low, and the leakage of lubricating oil is prone to occur, which is not conducive to the use of the engine. Scientific papers, diesel generator sets. .
6. Once the generator is put into operation, the management personnel should immediately go to the engine room to check whether the unit is running normally, including the indications of each instrument, water temperature, oil quantity, etc., and whether there is any abnormality. Scientific papers, diesel generator sets. . If abnormal conditions are found, check in time to determine whether the fault will affect the normal operation of the unit. If it has serious impact on the unit, it must be shut down immediately for repair and repair, and the fault should be eliminated in time to avoid sudden accidental interruption of power. For minor faults, relevant records must be made and repaired after the utility power is restored.
7. Do a good job of maintenance of the generator and keep a complete record of the operation and maintenance. Do a good job of maintenance of the generator to keep the generator in a good standby state; and the operation record and maintenance record are conducive to the timely detection of hidden dangers, and can also be an important reference for solving the problem.
8. Do a good job in the environmental management of the equipment room, keep the equipment room clean, and keep the equipment room well ventilated. It is strictly forbidden to pile up debris in the equipment room. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the computer room. The wind in the machine room is large, the temperature of the unit is high during operation, and the debris not only affects the running state of the generator; some flammable items are easy to fire at high temperatures, and the consequences are unimaginable. Therefore, the fire protection facilities in the equipment room should also be frequent. Check and stay in good condition.
(2) With the management method, the staff must strictly follow the implementation to ensure effective management. Therefore, in the work, it is recommended to use the following work forms to standardize the maintenance work. The first is the "Generator Day Inspection Record Table"; the second is "Generator Operation Record Table"; the third is "Generator Maintenance Record Table" and "Generator Maintenance Record Table". All forms are organized and archived monthly.
In short, today's urban power is becoming more stable. Although the standby generator set has been put into use relatively little, it is still particularly important as a backup power source for our production and life. Only knowing the common faults of generators can help us to eliminate faults more quickly and effectively in daily maintenance and management; strengthen daily maintenance to prevent faults and ensure normal operation of equipment, so as to avoid disasters as much as possible and ensure normal production. life.



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