Shoulder Bag Induced Cervical Spondylosis Shoulder Bag is the Most Healthy

When I was young, my back was a backpack. When I was older, my back was a messenger bag. When I was a little older, I was carrying a shoulder bag. When I was fully mature, I became a hand bag. However, it needs to be reminded that the health effects of this process are getting worse.

First, hand bag: According to the physical theory, the same heavy bag, if it is handcuffs, the pressure on the body will become larger. Because handkerchiefs are usually hung directly on the arms of the arms, or in the hands, there is a fulcrum problem. All in all, anyway, through a series of physical proofs, it will be found that the weight at this time is the heaviest. Therefore, the damage to the body is also the greatest.

In addition, because one arm is constantly under pressure, the blood circulation of the arm is poor, the nerves are compressed, and the muscles are numb, resulting in chronic pain.

Second, shoulder bag or Messenger bag: Since it is called "single" shoulder bag and "oblique" bag, it shows that it is on one shoulder, oblique on one shoulder. Since this shoulder shoulders the mission of not letting the bags fall, people will involuntarily raise the shoulders. Over time, the muscles of the shoulder contract and tighten, which can cause strain on the shoulder muscles and induce cervical spondylosis.

In addition, heavy bags on the shoulders for a long time, will oppress the neck muscles, blood vessels, nerves, involving the cervical spine, resulting in cervical strain, bone hyperplasia, which in turn affect the vertebral nerve, vertebral artery, causing people to produce upper limb numbness, neck Department and upper limb pain, dizziness, nausea, chest discomfort and other symptoms.

Third, backpack: shoulder bag has the feeling of recitation in ancient times, therefore, the most primitive, most natural, and relatively the most healthy. As a result, the shoulder bag spreads the weight of the bag on two shoulders, so it will reduce the weight of a single shoulder. Secondly, the heaviest position of the shoulder bag is at the spine of the human body, that is, in the middle of the human body, so it does not cause too much bearing on one side.

But in fact, the shoulder bag also has a bad side. Because the shoulder bags are all back, therefore, in this era of no shortage of gentlemen on the beam, in the era we have no long eyes behind, the probability of losing the items in the bag is still quite large. So, try to carry your shoulder bag in front of you. This way it is fashionable and safe. Why not?

In addition, it is kingly to pack less things in the bags. After all, it is a bit of awkwardness for them to carry such a heavy bag every day.

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