Shrinking white plastic bottle

Patent Name Naked White Plastic Bottle Patent Applicant by Lina Master Applicant Address 150050 4th Floor, Unit 4, Building 3, Jianwai Community, Daowai District, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China 1 Patented No. 200420063807.1 Date of Application 2004.11.19 Approval Date Approval Notice No. 2740535 Auditing Notice Date 2005.11.16 Manual Disc No. D0546 Main Classification No. B65D1/02 Classification No. B65D1/02 Division Original Application No. Priority Abstracts This utility model relates to a shrinkage-retardant white plastic bottle. In the technical field of packaging containers, in order to solve the problem that the containers containing latex emulsions have large openings and loosely closed and cause unnecessary losses and waste, a shrinkage white plastic bottle is designed. The utility model is composed of a bottle body, a bottle shoulder, and a thread shrinkage. The bottle mouth, sealing tin foil and bottle cap are composed of a bottle body, a bottle shoulder and a thread shrinking bottle mouth which is an integral structure for blow molding. The bottle shoulder is located above the bottle body, and the thread shrinking bottle mouth is located at the center of the bottle shoulder. The sealed tin foil is sealed at the upper end of the thread necking bottle mouth, and is composed of a combined screw thread bottle cap with an inner thread and the outer edge of the bottle cap which can be in sealed contact with the bottle shoulder. The bottle cover is screwed on the screw neck and bottle shoulder; the utility model can be used for containing the milky plastic container, and has the advantages of simple structure, single blow molding, injection molding, convenient use, good sealing effect and no loss of waste. Material benefits and advantages. Sovereignty item 1. A shrinkage white plastic bottle consisting of a bottle body (1), a bottle shoulder (2), a thread shrinkage bottle mouth (3), a sealing tin foil (4) and a bottle cap (5), characterized by Bottle body (1), bottle shoulder (2), screw neck (3) is a one-piece structure, the bottle shoulder (2) is located above the bottle body (1), and the screw neck (3) is located in the bottle In the center of the shoulder (2), the sealing foil (4) is sealed at the upper end of the screw neck (3), which is composed of an internally threaded screw cap (6) and the outer edge of the cap which can be in sealed contact with the bottle shoulder ( 7) The caps (5) constituting the combined one-piece structure are screwed on the screw neck (3) and the shoulder (2). International Application International Publication Date of Entry into the Country Patent Agency Organization Address of Zangkang Patent Office in Nangang District, Harbin City Agent Zhao Zongkang

Model: Pressing Coffee Cup

Material: Glass

Color: plain white or with decal

Process: press process

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Pressing Coffee Cup

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