Sleeping can also become a beautiful summer night repair night cream

Sleep is an automatic care for life and an automatic care for the skin. In this season of enthusiasm and enthusiasm, choose a good night cream and make a midsummer night dream of Shakespeare. It not only provides a rich nutritious meal for the skin, but also helps to lock up the skin care steps. What is the right thing to do with the active ingredients of water, essence and mask?

1. Snowflake Xiusheng Shengsheng Ginseng Concentrate Repair Cream ¥1680/60ml

Snowflake AIDS Health Ginseng Concentrate Repair Cream

Using the precious ginseng of Korean herbal medicine, we have developed a full-featured cream that nourishes the skin while repairing damaged and aging skin. The red ginseng extract from the natural planting area of ​​Korea acts on the deep layers of the skin to promote cell regeneration. Astragalus and mulberry white skin can enhance skin's resistance, delay skin aging and reproduce youthful radiance.

2, CPB luxury beauty cream ¥ 9600/40ml

CPB luxury beauty cream

A luxurious cream that promises a youthful, youthful, firming radiance that revitalizes the skin's natural vitality. The delicate and balanced scent is derived from a rare rose that has been cultivated for 11 years in the famous French plantation. Supplemented with natural rosemary and iris flower base, this fragrance is clear and natural, yet noble and calm. In order to achieve such superior skin care quality, CPB has worked hand-in-hand with a long-lasting perfume manufacturer in Grasse, South France.

3, Freeplus Fu Li Fang silk pure white gel night cream Renewal Cream ¥ 280/50g

Fu Lifang Silk Whitening Night Cream

Focus on moisturizing & whitening at night to create a whitening night cream with a clear, transparent skin. Prevents and improves pigmentation and dullness, creating a bright, translucent skin. Prevent dryness, roughness, redness and heat caused by UV radiation. Good ductility and soft touch. Improves the protection of the stratum corneum and thus the skin's resistance.

4, L'OCCITANE L'Occitane Angel Grass Water Moisturizing Cream ¥420/50ml

L'Occitane Angel Grass Moisturizing Cream

Refreshing without (click to watch the film-free work "Love beyond national borders") bears the watery texture, contains the angel grass moisturizing hydration extract formula, providing long-lasting moisturizing energy to the skin, and continuously transporting the water to the deep bottom of the muscle. Effectively improve the skin's water shortage, restore softness and elasticity, and rejuvenate the water to moisturize the radiant angelic muscle.

5, Lancôme Lancome Moisture Soothing Night Cream¥620/50ML

Lancôme Lancôme Moisturizing Night Cream

The new upgraded Lancôme Water Soothing Night Cream has an all-natural botanical formula that combines neuro-cosmetic technology to soothe the skin's stress, effectively improve the skin's dryness and water shortage, while stimulating the skin's own moisturizing ability. Formulated for a fine, nourishing and moisturizing at night. Gives skin an unprecedented depth of moisture and unlimited comfort.

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