Small candies inspired great wisdom invented "M&M" packaging

The American M&M candy is a popular candy, its flat oval shape is very representative. Recently, this little candy inspired a new idea in the packaging field.

Researchers at Princeton University in the United States discovered on occasion that the random stacking of M&M candies is more space-saving than randomly stacked police cars. It has been experimentally verified that the packaging method of regularly stacking M&M candy is the most space-saving, and even exceeds the “police ceiling light” packaging method that was previously considered to be the best choice.

The hexagonal shape of the ball-like objects in the shape of a police car dome lamp, when stacked in layers, not only fills up space between them, but also is very stable. This "police car dome" type packaging method has always been It is recognized and respected by people. The "M & M candy" type of packaging is similar to this. Each layer of M&M candy is vertically arranged in a hexagonal shape, but after the candy is tilted by 90 degrees, space is further saved.

The space utilization rate of the “police ceiling light” type package reached 74%, while the space utilization rate of “M&M candy” type packaging reached 77%.

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