Small spray dryer with supercritical spray drying

Shanghai Xinzhuang Instrument Research uses different drying techniques to prepare protein liposome powders, which use supercritical spray drying and subcritical spray drying techniques, and compares the powder properties obtained by different methods, including particle size distribution and morphology. Wait. Using supercritical spray drying technology to dry sugar and chicken protein, the research shows that the particle size of the dried product is between 1~60μm, and the particles are spherical and the surface is smooth. Due to the special properties of the fluid itself, supercritical fluids have been gradually promoted and applied in different fields, such as supercritical fluid extraction technology, supercritical fluid drying technology, supercritical fluid reaction and the like. However, supercritical fluids have poor compatibility with water, and it is difficult to directly use supercritical drying. It must be entrained by other solvents, and spray drying often faces the drying of aqueous solutions. Therefore, the combination of supercritical fluid and spray drying to form a new supercritical fluid spray drying technology is a field and direction worth studying. Researchers from abroad have carried out this technology research, and no relevant reports have been reported in China. Mathematical Model and Analysis of Spray Drying: With the development of computer technology, it is feasible to quickly obtain mathematical solutions of complex mathematical models. Internationally, computational fluid dynamics and techniques have been used to simulate the entire spray drying process, and considerable results have been achieved. A series of studies on the use of computational fluid dynamics to study the spray drying process have been carried out, focusing on the establishment of models, modification and calibration of models, research on new drying towers, horizontal spray drying, centrifugal spray drying and large-scale industrial pressure spray drying studies. etc.

The research results show that the current commercial CFD software can be used to analyze the temperature field, velocity field, humidity field of the gas medium in the spray drying tower and the flight path, humidity change and temperature change of the material in the spray drying tower. In order to better obtain the drying characteristics of the droplets, it is also necessary to specifically add the user's custom program, especially the dry model. In addition, due to the turbulent state of the gas in the drying tower, the appropriate turbulence model will have a greater impact on the simulation results, especially when the drying medium adopts the rotary air inlet mode, the turbulence effect is greater. Recently, a simulation study of spray drying transients was conducted. The results show that the flow field in the drying tower changes with time, so that the movement of the droplets in the drying tower is irregular. Therefore, even if the same droplet setting is used, different drying processes will be obtained. Dry granules; although certain residual solvent requirements are allowed, there is still the possibility of returning to high temperature areas during actual flight of the droplets.

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