Solid wood composite door is the best indoor wooden door

Solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors, if there is no professional sales staff, consumers are difficult to distinguish from the appearance.

The steel-wood interior door overcomes the defects of the wooden interior door and can be used as an alternative to the wooden door, while avoiding wasting wood. It is a new type of green product.

Molded wooden doors are more affordable and are favored by middle-income families.

The high-grade solid wood composite door, the door core is mostly high-quality white pine, and the surface is solid wood veneer.

Home security "door" face to do three

The importance of indoor door weight is a matter of opinion. However, from the material point of view, there are also solid wood doors, steel doors, solid wood composite doors, molded wooden doors, etc., each with its own advantages and disadvantages. According to industry insiders, these doors can also be reasonably purchased according to their indoor use and their economic situation.

Solid wood door key to see the craft

The solid wood door is also called the original wood door. It is made of natural wood as the door core. After drying, it is processed by cutting, planing, boring, drilling, high-speed milling and other processes. The solid wood doors are made of high-grade cherry wood, walnut, teak, Sapele, rosewood, etc., which have good sound absorption and good sound insulation.

The natural wood grain texture and color of the solid wood door is undoubtedly the best choice for families who admire the natural decoration style. Since ancient times, solid wood doors have revealed a warmth, not only the appearance is gorgeous, the carving is exquisite, and the styles are diverse, the market price ranges from 1,500 yuan to 3,000 yuan. Generally, the high-grade solid wood door is better in the dehydration process, and the relative moisture content is about 8%. Thus, the formed wooden door is not easily deformed and cracked, and the use time is longer.

However, the solid wood door market is quite confusing, and the surface material of the wooden door can be difficult for consumers to distinguish without the introduction of professional sales personnel. Some insiders told reporters that due to the use of wood processing, while the plane area is large, and the fixed points are small, it is one of the most common causes of deformation and cracking. The deformed wooden door will directly affect the sound insulation, airtightness and beauty of the house. Paint as a post-process of the wood door factory processing, its pros and cons directly affect the final use effect. At the same time, the cost of paint is also one of the largest parts of the cost of wooden doors. If inferior paint is used, the harmful components contained in it may have a certain impact on human health. In addition, coupled with the overall processing technology or not, it directly affects the texture, feel, moisture, environmental protection, durability, yellowing and other issues.

Countermeasure: Insiders said that when buying a door, in addition to shopping for a big brand, the weight is a method of identification. In order to cover up the material, some merchants will seal all the sides of the door, including the bottom, so that people can't distinguish from the appearance, and the door and bottom of the formal business are not painted. In addition, the price of ordinary solid wood veneer door and freight is at least 1,000 yuan. If the solid wood door is sold for seven or eight hundred yuan, the quality must be problematic.

Recommendation: Solid wood doors have high requirements for door frame sets due to their heavy weight. Some have to install ground springs and other devices. It is not suitable for use in home decoration. It is only used as a gate, or the main bedroom of a villa is a solid wood door.

Steel wood interior door selection is a bit difficult

The steel-wood interior door is an interior door that extends from the security door. Its craft is similar to that of the security door. The main frame is made of wood. It is made of imported high-quality steel plate and wooden inner embossing. Some surfaces are covered with PVC material. Environmentally friendly materials are processed through polyurethane foaming and honeycomb filling. The appearance is beautiful, sturdy, environmentally friendly, easy to clean, and the price is relatively low.

Steel-wood interior doors have the advantages of moisture-proof, insect-proof, non-deformation, non-cracking, sturdy and durable, and good thermal insulation performance. It can be used with wooden frame, aluminum frame, plastic steel frame and steel frame. It is suitable for walls of different thicknesses, and it is easy to install. Its color is diverse and individualized design can meet the needs of different customers. However, the steel door is afraid of scratching, and it is difficult to repair it as soon as it is scratched. Such a door is easy to form a small nest because the surface is only a thin layer of steel plate, which may rust over a long period of time. Further, the steel plate is a hard medium, and the surface is often uneven or it is difficult to recover due to accidental collision.

At the building materials exhibition, the steel wood door that the reporter saw has been precisely matched with stainless steel hinges and stainless steel screws to ensure that the door leaf is not easily deformed.

Countermeasure: The steel-wood doors are painted on the surface, and the laminates are imitation paint and wood. High strength, no deformation, strong and durable, outstanding cost performance. However, you should carefully check when buying, and there are not many inferior goods.

Recommendation: High security and strong privacy, but whether it is surface paint or film, there will be hidden rust in the surface of the metal. The surface wood is fake, uncomfortable, and easy to age. It is not convenient to make up the paint after scratching.

The future trend of solid wood composite doors

The door core of the solid wood composite door is mostly made of pine, fir or imported filling material, and the outer density board and solid wood veneer are made by high temperature hot pressing, and the solid wood line is used for edge sealing. General high-grade solid wood composite doors, the door core is mostly high-quality white pine, the surface is solid wood veneer. Since the white pine has a small density, is light in weight, and is easy to control the water content, the finished door has a light weight and is not easily deformed or cracked. In addition, the solid wood composite door also has the characteristics of heat preservation, impact resistance, flame retardancy, etc., and the sound insulation effect is basically the same as that of the solid wood door.

Due to the variety of styles of solid wood composite doors, rich styles, or exquisite European-style carvings, or Chinese classical color mosaics, or modern fashion, different decorative style doors give consumers a wide selection of space, which is also called solid wood style doors. The high-grade solid wood composite door not only has the characteristics of smooth handfeel and soft color, but also is very environmentally friendly and durable. It maintains the effect and look of the solid wood, but it is more stable than the solid wood door and the price is more economical than the solid wood door.

Due to the inherent internal stress of wood, solid wood doors are prone to cracking and deformation problems. Solid wood composite doors are more stable through drying, fingering, cooking, planing, hot pressing and compounding. The effect is more beautiful.

Compared with the expensive cost of pure solid wood doors, the price of solid wood composite doors is generally around 1200~2300 yuan. For example, the higher-grade rosewood door, about 2300 yuan; medium and high-grade walnut, cherry, Sapele and other wooden doors, the price is less than 2,000 yuan.

However, the reporter walked around the market and found that many economical solid wood composite doors were filled with whole wood in the place where the wooden door was close to the door lock and the hinges were installed. In other places, the inferior wood was used. Because the door lock needs to be burrowed, the consumer can see the material inside the wooden door, so that the configuration can pass through the sea.

There is also a surface sticker wooden door that is said to be a veneer wood door. The texture of the wood grain paper surface is very similar to the real wood grain texture. The average consumer does not recognize it at all. However, the price difference between the two is very large. The same area of ​​wood grain paper is three or four hundred yuan cheaper than veneer, and it is easy to break due to water.

Countermeasure: According to the professional introduction, the grainy paper grain road is more dull and even. Several wooden doors with the same sticker are arranged together, and the texture will be consistent. If the groove is encountered, the paper will be more round and docile; and the veneer will have a knot.ç–¤, spots, black lines and other phenomena, several doors are put together, the lines are definitely inconsistent, if the veneer encounters the groove, it is neither round nor obedient.

Suggestion: The most important thing about the bedroom door is to consider privacy and create a warm atmosphere. Therefore, the light-transparent and solid door type is adopted. The solid wood composite door is a good choice, the price is moderate, and the professional large-scale formal The building materials market selects some big brands of products to ensure quality. The bedroom door, guest room and children's room can be selected according to the style of the decoration. In general apartments, the doors of several spaces are more secure in appearance.

Molded wooden door is easy to become a source of pollution

Molded wooden doors are more affordable than solid wood doors and are safe and convenient, and are favored by middle-income families. The molded wooden door is mechanically pressed from two high-density fiber molded door panels with styling and simulated wood grain. Since the door panel is hollow, the natural sound insulation effect is worse than that of the solid wood door, and it cannot be wet.

The molded wooden door is decorated with wood veneer and brushed with “varnish”, which maintains the natural texture of the wood. It can also be used for panel mosaic, which is beautiful, lively and economical. The molded door also has the characteristics of moisture proof, small expansion coefficient and deformation resistance. After a period of use, surface cracking and oxidative discoloration do not occur.

The general composite molded wooden door is delivered with a neutral white primer. Consumers can go home and recolor according to personal preference on the white neutral primer to meet the individual needs of consumers. Compared with hand-made solid wood doors, molded doors use mechanized production, so the cost is also low. At present, the molded wooden doors on the market are mostly in the range of 380~500 yuan, and the cheapest one is only about 200 yuan. Because the construction process of the molded door is relatively simple, it seems that there is no solid wood door thick and beautiful.

Countermeasure: The molded wood door with poor quality is long, and it is easy to be affected by humidity, temperature and air, which causes the surface to be deformed. Some of the doors that have been milled in the market also claim to use melamine finishes, which are actually pretending to be blistering, because melamine simply cannot be pressed out of the embossed shape.

The quality of the molded wooden door is mainly determined from two aspects, one is the flatness of the surface, and the other is the closing of the door. When looking at the side light, if you find that the flatness of the door panel is not good, the door panel is unevenly reflected. If you look at the plastic material, you should not buy it.

Recommendation: Molded wooden doors are mainly used in places where balconies, storage rooms, etc. are not frequently opened. But one problem is very serious, that is, it will release harmful gases and may become a source of indoor air pollution.

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