Solid wood custom top solid white wax wood Congo pomelo L-shaped cloakroom

[ China Wardrobe ] In the current home market, many consumers like solid wood furniture because of its green, durable features. Today, Xiaobian introduces a custom-made cloakroom for solid wood--top solid ash wood Congo pomelo L-shaped cloakroom.


product description:

Evaluation brand top solid wardrobe

Evaluation products ash wood Congo pomelo L-shaped solid wood cloakroom

First, the design articles

a variety of decorative elements such as Roman columns

Top wardrobe

The top solid ash wood Congo pomelo L-shaped solid wood cloakroom is a simple European style cloakroom. The wood is made of white ash wood in North America. The Congo pomelo is fresh and elegant. It uses various decorative elements such as Roman columns and laces. Moderate, very eye-catching. The cabinet is not a line of design, but the front and back bumps, patchwork, and the cabinet and the Roman column shape.

Open design

Cloakroom evaluation

The design of the cloakroom highlights the openness, and the closed cabinet features a transparent glass cover to enhance visual transparency and clear storage in the cabinet.

Retro palace style


The cabinet door is equipped with high-quality retro court style brass handles, adding an elegant cultural color to the home, showing the noble temperament of the nobles.

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