Successful men's exclusive cloakroom four functional areas are well-known

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Whether a man successfully looks at his cloakroom, a successful man can not only be successful in his career, but also the cloakroom storage will not be placed. The cloakroom must have the most basic four storage functional areas, the stacking area, the hanging area, the sundries area, and the large area. These four areas have specific storage details, which seems to be more detailed than women. Men have a cloakroom, you have to understand.

Men's cloakroom design

Stacking area

Lining: The shirt is the second face of a man. The lining designed for high-grade shirts meets the needs of various types of shirts. Put the men's shirt on the sliding lining with slide rails, which makes it clear and convenient.

Ordinary drawers: In advanced social occasions, there will be some special tailoring clothes, such as slanted blouses, heavy hand-embellished beaded garments, and knitted sweaters. It is best to fold them in folds. The fewer creases, the better. If the folded clothing is afraid of wrinkles, you can put the tissue in the fold or place the roll on the crease, which helps to reduce wrinkles.

Four-sided basket: In order to increase the volume of the cloakroom and store more items in a limited space, you can choose a four-sided basket with slide rails. The metal frame is breathable and is suitable for storing clothes with pure wool and not wrinkles. It is not easy to mold and insects.

Rotating basket: Rotating clothes hangers are three times the size of traditional clothes hangers. They can be turned around and hung in the innermost clothes. They can also be displayed in front of the rotation. The unique separator in the basket can be used to separate the interior of the basket according to your needs, and the accessories are arranged in small areas.

Cloakroom function

Suspension area

Ordinary clothes rail: The hanging area of ​​the cloakroom should be spacious, and each hanging piece of clothing should be kept at an appropriate distance. Do not crowd together. When the trousers and skirts of silk, pure leather, suede and other fabrics are hung with clothespins, a layer of paper should be placed between the clips and the clothes to avoid unsightly nicks.

Hanging rod: The metal hanging rod with sliding rail is a special feature of the cloakroom. It dampens the silent design of the sliding rail, which makes the pulling smoother and does not scratch the clothes. It is suitable for hanging high-grade silk scarves, ties, scarves and shawls. And other accessories.

Hanging pants rack: The hanging pants rack in the rotating clothes basket is anti-slip, and the pants will not slip easily during the pushing and pulling process. At the same time, the thickness of the hanging rod is accurately calculated, and it is not necessary to worry about the occurrence of hanging marks on the pants for a long time.

Tie rack: At the business event, the tie is a well-deserved highlight. The tie rack is specially designed for the tie in the cloakroom. The oblique angle design makes it easier to display and select the tie.

Lifting clothes rail: If you have more clothes hanging, you have a lot of dresses, including long dresses, which means you need more choices of lift rails. The height of the lifting clothes rail can be adjusted, and the long dress can be easily taken, and there is no need to worry that the lower end of the dress is not straight and the clothes have creases.

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