Summer wooden doors are prone to "weird temper"

Wooden door products, whose main material is wood, are very susceptible to weather conditions! Wooden door products, in the summer, beware of "thermal expansion", into the summer, many citizens reflected in the process of decoration is prone to problems such as drumming and falling off of latex paint. According to industry insiders, in fact, as long as you pay attention to the details of the decoration in the summer, these problems can be overcome.

According to the introduction of the wooden door, the summer decoration is designed to measure and install the wooden door and the sliding door. The size arrangement should pay attention to the thermal expansion and contraction. Plastic steel is a material that is greatly affected by temperature. If it is too compact in size, it will be cracked and deformed due to temperature drop in winter. So there should be a little extra size. In the relatively humid and sultry summer decoration, the key is to prevent moisture. For easily deformable building materials, such as wooden doors and wooden floors, the public can also ask the decoration company to take appropriate measures during the decoration process. In the summer, wooden doors are prone to different degrees of cracking, deformation and stripping. It is reported that this is due to the uneven density of wood during the growth of natural wood. With the change of climate during use, and some inferior sealant can not effectively isolate the air into the channel of wood fiber, the wood will be in high humidity. The air absorbs moisture, causing changes in internal and external stresses that cause deformation and cracking.

The expansion coefficient of wood products will be more obvious when the temperature is high. Consumers can prevent their "heatstroke" by performing some simple maintenance on the wooden door. For example, use protective wax or special cleaning agent to evenly spread on the surface of the wooden door, then gently wipe to keep it shiny and moisture-proof. In hot weather, try not to use the cloth with water directly to clean it, at the corner of the house. Dehumidification kits, activated carbon and other dehumidification supplies are available. In addition, it is necessary to remove the humidity in the room in time, often using ventilation fans and ventilators to ventilate and ventilate. Indoor plants can be placed on the balcony or living room, not near the door, so as not to leak water during watering, causing the floor to be like a wooden floor. When foaming, the wooden door cannot be closed.

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