Sunshine board material characteristics

English is sunlight sheet/hollow sheet/sun sheet/sun hollow sheet/sun solid sheet, referred to as hollow board, hollow sun board, hollow sun roof tile, honeycomb sun board, u-type lock sun board, single and double hook lock sun board. The pc sun board is manufactured from polycarbonate as the main raw material. At present, a new high-quality decorative material with high strength, light transmission, sound insulation and energy saving is widely adopted in the world.

Sunshine board entered the building decoration materials market rapidly in the mid-1980s. Compared with laminated glass, wired glass, tempered glass, and insulating glass, it is lighter, weather-resistant, super-strong, flame-retardant, and sound-insulating. It is characterized by the high quality of the sun slab. It is widely recognized by architectural design, decoration engineering, environmental engineering, and advertising. According to statistics, since the end of the 1980s, the sales volume of Sunshine Board in the international market has increased by 20% per year. Since 2008, the total sales volume of the world has exceeded 1 billion square meters per year.

Since the beginning of 1989, with the gradual upgrading of domestic buildings. A number of key construction projects: Shenzhen International Trade Building, Shangri-La Hotel, Hangzhou, Beijing Sichuan Hotel, Beijing World Park and Beijing West Railway Station took the lead in adopting the Sunshine Board, which has accumulated valuable design, construction and construction for this material in China. The experience of daily protection. Sunlight board has strong light transmission, impact resistance, heat insulation, weather resistance, anti-condensation, flame retardant, sound insulation and good processing performance. The impact resistance of the solar panel is 100 times that of ordinary glass and 30 times that of plexiglass. After being treated by UV protection, the appearance of the Sunshine board has anti-aging properties and successfully solves the aging problem that cannot be solved by other engineering plastics; the fire performance of the sun panel can reach the flame retardant B1 level; the sound insulation of the solar panel is reduced by 5 -9dB is the preferred material for the international highway sound barrier.

Greenhouse application

At present, the main materials used in the construction of modern greenhouses in China are glass and double-layer films. The main problem with modern greenhouses built with these materials is the high energy consumption of the greenhouse. When encountering natural disasters such as hail and heavy snow, the ability to resist natural disasters is poor, the greenhouse itself is seriously damaged, and the crops grown in the greenhouse are also greatly damaged, and the film will cause white pollution after use. Double-layer and multi-layer sun panels that were introduced in Europe in the 1970s as sun panels for the fourth generation of greenhouse covering materials. It has been widely used in the construction of agricultural greenhouses. Its important feature is light weight, its weight is one-fifth of the same thickness of glass; super strong: impact strength is 16 times that of glass; energy saving: more than 40% energy saving than glass cage greenhouse; durable: solar panel application 10 After the year, the light transmittance is reduced by no more than 10%; cold and heat resistant: between -40 °C and 120 °C, the solar panel does not deform; the transparent, colorless solar panel has a light transmittance of between 75% and 82%; Cold bendability: The minimum tortuous radius of the sun slab at room temperature is 175 times the thickness of the plate. Basically improved the state of the greenhouse.

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