Taking stock of Korean actress's method of washing face

Korean girls attach great importance to skin care, especially those female stars in South Korea. They have a lot of exclusive skin care methods worth learning from. What are the maintenance tips for cleansing and whitening? Song Hye Kyo is using milk to wash his face and whitening, Shen Miner is Wash your face with gauze. Have you heard of these washing methods before? Let’s take a look at the Korean actress ’s method of washing your face !

Taking stock of Korean actress's method of washing face

Song Hye Kyo: Washing your face with milk

Song Hye Kyo's skin is as silky and smooth as milk. Her maintenance secret is to wash her face with milk. It sounds extravagant! Milk is rich in whitening factors, not only whitening, but also smoothing rough skin. No wonder Joe's skin looks so tender forever, this is the royal aristocratic face wash method. However, after washing your face with milk, remember to wash your face thoroughly to prevent the residue of milk from sticking to your face and blocking your pores.

Taking stock of Korean actress's method of washing face

Kim Tae Hee: When you wash your face, your hands don’t touch your face.

Kim Tae-hee's method of washing her face is very special. When she washes her face, she tries not to touch her face with her hands to reduce the friction on her face. First, apply makeup remover to the cotton pad. After gently removing makeup, squeeze out the cleansing lotion on the palm of your hand. After removing the foam, try not to let your hands touch the face. Only let the foam contact the face to reduce the hand. Frictional stimulation of the face. The surface of the skin is smooth and delicate, the gloss of the face will be better, and the complexion will naturally brighten. However, this may not be clean thoroughly, and this method is used with caution in oily skin.

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