Tea to nourish skin

There are many functions of tea. For example, flower tea can eliminate whitening , white tea can resist oxidation and detoxification, and green tea can protect against ultraviolet rays, etc. Let's take a closer look.

Tea to nourish skin

Flower tea is good for the skin

If you want to be good for your skin, then the first choice is flower tea, a wide variety of flower teas, and different functions.

Like aloe vera with detoxifying and nourishing effect, saffron; red and bright plum, white rose, wild chrysanthemum with bright eyes, honeysuckle; lotus leaf with weight loss effect, bitter gourd tea; lavender, insomnia Rosemary; and so on. Long-term consumption of flower tea can play a role in beauty, freckle, detoxification, and eyesight, and has a good effect on women's beauty.

White tea detoxification

The beauty effect of white tea is also very good, with high-efficiency anti-oxidation, whitening and detoxifying functions, so drinking white tea often is a good choice for female friends.

green tea

Let's talk about green tea. Green tea is one of the most popular teas we usually drink. It has many effects, such as antioxidants. Green tea has always been popular among women because it can effectively resist oxidation , scavenge free radicals and delay aging. At the same time, green tea can also be slimmed down, mainly due to the caffeine and theophylline in the tea, which can effectively reduce the accumulation of fat, thereby reducing the body weight.

Green tea can effectively prevent UV rays: The catechins in green tea can prevent UV-B and protect our skin from UV rays. In addition, green tea also has the ability to lower blood fat, anti-cancer, anti-caries, and often drink green tea. A lot.

Black tea strong bones

Black tea is a kind of fermented tea leaves. The leaves are red. The health care function is mainly to strengthen the bones, prevent osteoporosis, promote appetite, and diuretic swelling. Because of its strong antibacterial ability, it can also prevent colds.

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