The analysis of furniture brand has not changed in the first line.

As we all know, Shenyang, as an important first-tier city in the Northeast, has always been a place for major furniture brands. At present, the total area of ​​furniture stores in Shenyang has exceeded one million square meters, and there is a serious surplus. Hundreds of furniture brands are rushing to eat “cakes” here, and the competition is fierce. These brands have both a line of brands, second- and third-line brands, and even miscellaneous brands. What is the survival status of these brands? Which brands have a larger market share? Recently, the author made a survey on this.

The first-line brand is not scared

In the Red Star Macalline Shenyang Tiexi Store, Weinan Store, Dadong Store, the home of Shenyang Huanggu Store, Weinan Store, Xiangjiang Home and other large and medium-sized home stores, Gujia Craft, Zhihua Shi, Federation, Left and Right, Qu The first-line furniture brands such as the United States, Red Apple, Dynasty, and Olins have been camped for many years. With strong brand influence, they have won numerous fans.

These first-line brand furniture, although the current sales are not ideal, but the price is not bullish, the business mentality is relatively stable. The author has in-depth investigation and found that among these first-line brands, the manufacturers directly operate, and the strong support of the factory; the dealers, after many years of market tests, have accumulated a wealth of experience, will not be self-defeating, can be described as not to be shocked .

Second-line brand

If the first-line brand is in a state of steady development, then the second-line brand will resurgence as the market recovers.

Shenyang is the area where China's solid wood furniture industry base is located. Hongfa, Shu Liya, Huihao, Yixin, Mengbao, Qiuqiao, Qilin, Dabang Furniture and other civil solid wood furniture brands, and Sichuan, Hebei, Tianjin, Guangdong and other places. The furniture brand constitutes the square line of Shenyang second-line furniture brand.

According to market research results, Shenyang second-line furniture brand currently accounts for nearly 80% of the market. The consumer groups of second-line brand furniture include civil servants, teachers, doctors, retired cadres, white-collar workers, high-paying blue-collar workers, and individual practitioners. The consumer psychology of this part of the consumer is: do not buy expensive, only choose the right one. With the active purchase of these consumers, the second-tier furniture brand in Shenyang has also ushered in a moment of resurgence.

In Shenyang Tiexi, a home furnishing store, a Shenyang local solid wood furniture brand occupied the "No. 2" position in the sales of the top three. The person in charge of the brand said happily: "In addition to XX China famous brand, it is me!" In a large-scale home store in Weinan, Shenyang, a second-line solid wood furniture brand from Tianjin also ranks in the "second place" for sales, and the "No. 1" It is mahogany furniture. The brand manager said: "In solid wood furniture, there is no sale here."

Yang home industry believes that the second-line furniture brand revitalization is a normal market phenomenon, but also in line with the law of consumption, after all, high-end consumers only account for a small number, most of the wage earners can improve the quality and quality of life by purchasing second-line brand furniture.

How second-line brands win the market

Although the second-line furniture brands have a large market share, due to the large number, the competition is fierce. Then, how to win the market for second-line furniture brands has become an issue that entrepreneurs should seriously consider.

First, the mentality of righteousness should not be blindly raised. Some second-tier brands are rushing to move closer to the "first line" for a good name, but that is not a one-off. Which of the first-line brands has not been tempered, it has been painstakingly built. In the case of financial strength, production scale, channel planning, market influence, etc., if there is no condition, if you blindly compare and greedy, you may lose money. At the moment, the second-line brand must be in a positive state of mind, grasp the characteristics of the second-tier market, and then consolidate its internal strengths and gradually improve the results.

The second is to relentlessly pursue innovation. Innovation is the vitality of the brand, and it is also a necessary condition for the brand to win the market. In the case of conditions, technology, services and other conditions, innovation is the second magic weapon for second-tier brands to win the market. Shenyang has a solid wood furniture brand through continuous innovation, opening up huge business opportunities in the second-tier market, from Shenyang to the country.

The third is to win credibility by service. The customer is God and the service has no bottom line. For second-tier furniture brands, it is important to occupy the market, and it is more important to do a good job. The problem now is that many brands compete for the market and do a lot of new products, upgrades, and market hard work, and often overlook the "soft work" of upgrading services, so that they seem to be unable to compete in the market competition. It is worthy of vigilance and needs improvement.

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