The latest skin care product Coco Miss Lipstick

Cocoa Miss Lipstick (CHANEL)

This women's indispensable lipstick, redesigned by Chanel's global creative creative director Peter Philips, presents an unprecedented new look, transforming into today's Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick. Every Rouge Coco lipstick has its own name. From the legendary places to the jewelry that Chanel's favorite, from a certain emotion to those familiar with the classic logo, Rouge Coco will be in the life of Ms. Gabriel Chanel. The droplets were connected in series with 35 lipsticks.

DAISY: A little lipstick contains the fashion DNA of the Chanel brand. This lipstick named after Miss Coco's many classic pieces of life will definitely be the favorite of Chanel fans. My personal favorite is 11 No. Legend.

YVONNE: Whether it's the name of the color number, the exquisite double C on the lipstick package, or the crisp sound when switching lipstick, these details of the life of Ms. Gabriel Chanel make this lipstick full of femininity. And it is a free woman.

HELEN: The three-dimensional double C pattern on the bottom of the lipstick shell, the Chanel lettering on the paste itself, and the fragrant and delicate fragrance give the intimate comfort to every woman who enjoys it.


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