The magical effect of cleansing oil

Deep cleansing oil

When using cleansing oil, be sure to pay attention to the drops ~ ~ hands and face need to keep dry, apply a proper amount of cleansing oil from the nose to the center line, apply to both sides and forehead and chin. In the need to remove the makeup parts, use the fingertips to draw a circle to dissolve makeup and dirt. After about 1 minute, take a small amount of water by hand, emulsifie the cleansing oil and whiten it, then gently massage it with a circular motion for about 30 seconds, then use a large amount of water to wash the cleansing oil until it is foamed and rinsed. clean.

Recommended products: Neutrogena Deep Cleansing Oil

Reference price: 200ml/159 yuan

Product Description: Neutrogena Deep Cleansing Oil, deep into the pores, completely dissolves anti-watercolor makeup and dirt (water-resistant mascara and long-lasting lipstick are also suitable). After washing, the skin is fresh and tender, not tight. Clear and clear with special makeup emulsification formula [CO/SC complex]: deep into the pores, quickly dissolve anti-watercolor makeup and dirt; does not block the pores, clean and clean after washing; tender and not tight with special herbal extracts [Botanical skincare complex] : After washing, the skin protective film and the stratum corneum are not taken away; after washing, the skin is fresh and tender and not tight.

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