The main direction of cosmetic packaging materials

In the field of cosmetic packaging, with the improvement of technology level, packaging development has gradually highlighted the characteristics of individualized display and innovation, the introduction and application of new technologies and new processes, the development and replacement of new environmentally friendly materials, and the safe and convenient packaging will be more affected. The market is welcome. After China's accession to the WTO, global brand management has become an important strategy for international competition. Brand development, brand education, brand innovation and other issues are also increasingly valued by domestic companies. Although there is no international brand rich brand management experience, it lacks successful brands. The management method of operation, but Chinese national enterprises are still groping constantly and seeking development in innovation. Take the cosmetics and detergent industry as an example. Although people still have the impression of white porcelain bottle green iron cover, antique and economical “big friendship” cream, they have been famous in the 1980s. The old brand of 10,000 customers can only maintain their meager sales with the ever-decreasing consumer groups. The involvement of external information, the use of new technologies, the emergence of new products, and the overwhelming packaging and publicity have only one purpose - to compete for every indecisive customer. Today, when goods are extremely rich, they will be eliminated without change or innovation.

For novelty products, if you use novel packaging, the impact on customers will be greatly enhanced. In addition, the novel packaging adds brilliance and appeal to a very ordinary product. In the personal care and fragrance market, product packaging has become an important factor in retail shelves that can quickly lock consumers' attention. Because contemporary consumers have gradually learned about packaging design, from mass market to shopping malls, from glass bottles to plastic bottles, perfume and cosmetics marketers are paying more and more attention to packaging innovation and innovation. Due to strong competition for end-users, many packaging suppliers believe that product design is more important than ever. The individualized demand drives the continuous development of customized production (individualized production mode for different consumer needs), and the mold is popular in the industry.

The main direction of cosmetic packaging materials in China, the "cosmetic" in the general sense actually includes skin care products, hairdressing products and perfumes. According to the relevant personnel of the China Spice and Fragrance Cosmetics Industry Association, various eye creams, night creams, SOD honey and sunscreens can be included in the skin care products, shampoo, conditioner, hair dye, lipstick, eyebrow pencil, nails Cosmetics such as oil can be classified as beauty and hairdressing products, and perfumes can always be made into one. Cosmetics as a fashion consumer goods, it needs packaging materials to enhance its value. At present, almost all kinds of materials are used in cosmetic packaging, while glass, plastic and metal materials are currently mainly used as cosmetic packaging containers, and cartons are often used as cosmetic packaging. “Continuously developing new materials and new processing technologies and pursuing new shapes has always been the focus of development in the field of cosmetic packaging containers.” A technical engineer who has been engaged in material packaging research for a long time told reporters, “Now, the application range of materials Not only limited to glass bottles and plastic bottles, the application of new materials has become a way for the cosmetics industry to introduce new products and improve existing products.” He introduced the well-known P&G (P&G) as an example. The bottle material of the "Spirit" bathing brand launched last year changed the texture of the hard plastic in the past, and chose a more humanized soft-hard plastic packaging. "In this way, the product is added invisibly. The degree of affinity. "The meaning of the words, the successful launch of "smart", is not unrelated to the choice of packaging materials. Similarly, P&G's other brand, “Pantene”, has made a lot of efforts on the improvement of outer packaging patterns and materials on the basis of the existing strong brands, and strives to inject the “old” brand into fresh vitality. This also means that the fashion, eye-catching, energetic and interesting packaging design and the adoption of new bottle types will become one of the means for future cosmetics manufacturers to win the terminal. In the field of skin care products, durable and exquisite packaging is endless.

The above-mentioned people in the industry, taking the crystal series products produced by a certain cosmetics company in the north as an example, said that because the paste manufacturing process is quite unique, the fully functional computerized cream machine is used to make various essences of the essence into spherical particles. , silky flowers and other shapes, placed in a transparent gel, not only the appearance of crystal clear, stylish and beautiful, but also because of its complete sealing of the essence, and the use of active metal ions conduction, making it more than the general paste Shaped skin care products restore skin's natural vitality more quickly and effectively, eliminating skin problems. Therefore, the designer considers the aesthetics of the paste, and in the selection of the outer packaging bottle, there is a tendency to select a plexiglass material with good transparency, strong plasticity, the same feel and glass and stronger, and then with quality. The high-gloss gold and silver bottle caps hope to give this crystal series cosmetics a luxurious and fashionable product connotation. And the facts that follow confirm that they have chosen the right package.

It is reported that this series of products, once put on the market, has been favored by its target consumer group, young and middle-aged female consumers. Protective, functional and decorative can not be less "In general, cosmetics packaging should be protective, functional and decorative. According to market research, we predict that this 'three-in-one' is the future cosmetic packaging. The direction of development," the expert pointed out. First of all, fresh-keeping cosmetics will occupy a considerable market. In order to meet the needs of customers, companies choose to produce preservative-free products. Therefore, companies have to fill them in tiny containers so that people can use them all at once. For example, many brands of essence use this packaging. Although this kind of cosmetics is generally expensive, it is difficult to become the mainstream product in the market, but it is a symbol of future fashion and luxury lifestyle, so there will be a stable consumer base. Followed by the development and design of green packaging materials. At present, more and more cosmetics companies have begun to pay attention to environmental protection issues, and will also consider the choice of cosmetic packaging materials - can these materials be recycled? "As with products, no doubt, green, Environmentally friendly packaging materials will be the trend of the times."

Another possibility that has become mainstream is the multi-layer plastic composite technology. It allows multiple layers of different types of plastic to be compounded together, molded in one go, any color can be chosen and any shape can be designed—as long as you have enough imagination. With multi-layer molding technology, plastic packaging can completely block light and air on the one hand, avoid oxidation of skin care products. On the other hand, by combining different kinds of substances, it can bring wonderful visual effects and unique feelings in appearance. Increases the tortuosity of the hose. At the same time, vacuum packaging has quietly emerged. Vacuum packaging protects skin care products containing fat, rosin oil and vitamins. It has the advantages of strong protection and high elastic recovery. Another important development in vacuum packaging is the emphasis on functionality, which is important for less complex containers. Despite this, many years of packaging "being a home" - plastic bottles will still occupy an important position in the future. Lightweight, strong and easy to produce has always been an advantage of plastic containers. Through the efforts of chemists and plastics manufacturers, plastic products have acquired the transparent properties that were previously only available in glass. According to experts, the new plastic bottles can be dyed in a variety of colors, even after anti-UV treatment, the transparency is not reduced.

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