The new "Little Swallow" Li Yu is tender!

With the release of "New Fair Princess", Li Wei, the new version of "Little Swallow", has received great attention. Although she and Zhao Wei have big eyes, they give a cute and playful feeling, but classic things. But it can never be surpassed. Li Wei does not have Zhao Wei’s sense of agility and naturalness. Let's take a look at how Li Wei is tender!
Cheats 1: delicate eyeliner

The new "Little Swallow" Li Yu is tender!

Exquisite eyeliner outlines the big eyes of Li Wei, sometimes beautiful, and sometimes ghosts and horses, and today is definitely a "mother girl" who is popular with otaku.
Benefit Inkless Eyeliner Magic ink Inkless Eyeliner Special ultra-fine brush head smoothly "slips" over the upper and lower eyelids, can draw a sleek, sexy, invincible black sexy seductive eyeliner, let the eye type Immediately has a clear three-dimensional outline. As the deep night is pure black saturated color, not only can get rid of the uneven color of the eyeliner, the more troubles that make up the wrong, and the visual effect of doubling the concentration of eyelashes.
Cheats 2: curling eyelashes

The new "Little Swallow" Li Yu is tender!

The well-defined curling eyelashes create Barbie-like dreamy eyes, and capture the heart of the "five princes" directly in the blink of an eye.
Dior 360-degree rotating mascara Carefully and thoughtfully designed to perfectly combine the reservoir groove with the rotating system to ensure that the mascara evenly covers each eyelash. And this one-of-a-kind mascara has a long-lasting "extremely shaped beeswax formula. A soft paste rich in plastic microcrystalline wax that wraps every eyelash in 360° for a long-lasting look.
Cheats 3: Crystal Lip Gloss

The new "Little Swallow" Li Yu is tender!

The fresh and elegant nude makeup is matched with the pink lip gloss, which instantly lights up the face, and the lip color is crystal clear, shining the youthful light.
Maybelline New York New Jelly Lip Gloss New Maybelline New York Jelly Lip Gloss is rich in pure oil particles. The diluted oil particles make the lip gloss more translucent and effectively moisturize the lips. At the same time, it is rich in natural fruit honey essence, and the viscosity is lower than the previous products. 50%, the lips are light and hydrated, truly non-sticky and not greasy, greatly improving lip comfort and long-lasting makeup. 6 fruit flavors make young women feel sweet and lovely.

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