The Problems and Countermeasures Faced by the Logistics Food Service of Colleges and Universities

With the rise of the logistics socialization reform in colleges and universities in 2000, the catering service as one of the important departments of logistics in colleges and universities is the focus of the logistics socialization reform in universities. The catering services of colleges and universities nationwide have been issued by the Ministry of Education and other six ministries and commissions. Opinions on Further Accelerating the Reform of Logistic Socialization in Colleges and Universities. The management model of independent management, independent accounting, and self-financing is implemented. College catering services are developing in the direction of scale, intensiveness, and socialization. But at the same time, they also encountered various difficulties. How to actively study the new situations, new features, and new problems in the logistics and catering services of colleges and universities under the background of enlarging enrollment and logistics reform of colleges and universities; Catering service work is an urgent problem to be solved in front of college catering service companies.

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