The same as the cream, let you "fine makeup"

Sunscreens only have sun protection. In addition to sun protection, the cream also adds antioxidant, whitening or vitamins. Compared to general sunscreens, the cream is more pure and easier to absorb, and it can prevent dirt and UV rays from damaging the skin. If you are an office family, just meet the sun on the way to and from work, just wipe some cream, no need to apply a layer of sunscreen; but if you need to stay in the sunshine for a long time, you still need to use high magnification The sunscreen is safe.

Isolation skin care

The main function of the cream is to isolate the harmful free radicals from the outside and protect the skin from damage. This bad free radical includes radiation, ultraviolet light, make-up, dust, etc., so especially when you go online, it is best to apply a layer of cream. After a long time, you will find that the cream has a lot of skin. s help.

The first function of the cream: a protective screen between the skin and the make-up

Isolation skin care

Every day, "fine makeup" shows people, it will directly lead to dull skin, lack of healthy luster, sagging skin, and acne acne. The use of barrier cream before makeup is to provide a clean and gentle environment for the skin, forming a defense against the outside attack. .

In fact, the cream is an important step to protect makeup and protect the skin. If you do not use the cream to apply the foundation, it will make the foundation block the pores and damage the skin, and it is easy to produce the foundation peeling phenomenon commonly known as "eat". When choosing a barrier cream, it must be confirmed that it is hydrophilic (ie, the composition of the barrier cream contains more water than oil), so as to surely isolate the makeup and make the makeup last.

But don't think that as long as the cream is applied, everything is OK. If you don't remove makeup and clean, the skin will suffer unfortunately.

The second function of the cream: sunscreen, dirty air

Isolation skin care

Some skin nuisances are hard to avoid. For example, even if you are facing the sky, you can't avoid the ultraviolet rays and airborne pollutants. The second major function of the barrier cream is to block these two natural factors that cannot be resisted.

Some barrier creams do not have a sunscreen function and can only be used as a "dustproof" effect. However, most creams have a certain sun protection index, so they have a certain UV resistance. In general, SPF 15's barrier cream can cope with daily sun protection.

The third function of the cream: adjust the skin tone

Isolation skin care

In recent years, in addition to the isolation effect, the cream has added light-skinning, soft white, purple, pearl bright and other retouching particles, making the application of the cream to be the first step of makeup. Most of the creams on the market today fall into two categories. One type does not have a skin color effect and only has an isolation effect. The other is a combination of skin color and isolation, such as LANCOME's UV EXPERT, ESTEE LAUDER whitening cream.

The fourth function of the barrier cream: radiation resistance

Isolation skin care

For OLs that need to face the computer for a long time, if there is no proper protection, the skin is prone to pigmentation, fine lines and premature aging. It is a good idea to use a cream to fight computer radiation. Most of their ingredients are rich in antioxidants and high-concentration nutrient-rich ingredients, such as green tea ingredients, pure vitamin E, etc., which inhibit the function of free radicals. Prevents premature aging of the skin, leaving the skin with complete protection under thin care, making the skin safe and easy to face when facing the computer.

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