Top Ten Packaging Machinery Best for China's Priority Development

Packaging machinery is developed with the advent of new packaging materials and continuous innovations in packaging technology. The comprehensive upgrading of machinery and equipment is the general trend of the development of packaging machinery in China and the world. The main features of the replacement are: a large number of transplants using various modern high-precision technologies in the civilian and military industries, electronic technology, microelectronics, edge technology, fuzzy technology, to accelerate the further improvement of the reliability and safety of packaging machinery and equipment and production lines. Unmanned operation and other automation levels. Intelligence will enter the entire packaging machinery and equipment and production lines.

First, packing and cartoning equipment

Domestic beer packing equipment has been able to meet the requirements of low-speed production lines in beer companies, but there is still a lack of automatic packing equipment for bags made from materials such as plastic bags. It is necessary to develop research and manufacturing as soon as possible, and develop conveying, sorting, and automation accordingly. Enclosed complete sets of equipment, as well as reliable and inexpensive inkjet coding device. Focus on the development of various forms of packaging equipment, middleware loading equipment to simplify the structure, improve speed and reliability.

Second, bundle packaging equipment

The development of various types of tying machinery will promote the automation of fruit and vegetable, general merchandise, and industrial materials packaging in China. Developed bench-top and large-scale plastic bag binders, expanded the types of strapping machines, researched and developed strapping machines for tacky goods pre-adhesive tapes, and developed automatic continuous steel strapping machines for heavy materials (steel materials, etc.). In the demolition of container equipment, the main development of a variety of multi-functional disassembly and stacking equipment.

Third, measurement equipment

Actively study and master the combination of electronic scale technology, the development of a variety of measurement methods, adapt to the needs of different materials, improve the measurement accuracy and speed and job stability.

Fourth, corrugated board production and box (box), printing equipment

At present, there are many production equipments for corrugated board in China, but most of them are low-speed, high-energy-consumptive products. We must actively develop upgraded products, and focus on the development of wide and 5-, 7-, and 9-layer corrugated board production equipment and boxes (Box) printing complete sets of equipment, the production line production speed should be stable at 180mmin or more, actively cooperate with the computer centralized control, so that equipment performance and related technical parameters to facilitate the adjustment. Actively develop honeycomb cardboard equipment.

V. Beer and beverage filling equipment

The development of a series of beer, beverage filling equipment, 50,000 tons of small and medium-sized beer, beverage filling equipment is a transitional product, it should be updated in technology. Develop secondary pre-vacuum filling machines to meet market demands; develop high-speed labeling machines to fill domestic gaps; research and develop various online testing equipment and high-speed transportation technologies. Because more than 80% of the domestic beer companies have a production capacity of 50,000 tons per year, the equipment renewal period has started. If the concentration of beer production is not high, we must seize market opportunities to improve the quality of medium-speed machinery products. Performance can adapt to the needs of market development. To track the development trend of the world and actively develop new packaging technologies. To develop production lines that are suitable for production capacity of 100,000 tons or more, and in particular to overcome the technical difficulties of labeling machines. To adapt to the concentrated production of the beverage industry, to diversify the development direction of irrigation, to develop on-site deployment of technical equipment, and to develop multifunctional, fully automated large-scale equipment with features such as high speed, low consumption, accurate measurement, and automatic detection, enabling filling and pressing. Cover, labeling and other processes have the same production efficiency and improve the overall technical level of beer and beverage filling.

Six, bag forming filling sealing equipment

At present, the packaging industry urgently needs to solve the problem of automatic powder packaging, and issues 〖〗 serialized products and related devices to increase the speed of packaging. The bag (500-g bag) pellet packing equipment reaches 60 bags min, and the bags reach 160 bags min. Focus on the development of a weighing range of about 1000 grams, while a single film and composite film packaging material packaging machine is applied.

七、Wrapping equipment

To improve the packaging capacity of domestic packaging equipment, the development of medium size wrapping equipment, the stable packaging speed should reach 160 bags min. And improve product reliability and operational safety. At present, the scope of application of domestic auxiliary equipment is expanding. Therefore, it is necessary to develop auxiliary equipment more powerfully and improve packaging capacity.

Eight, aseptic packaging equipment

Improve the production capacity and operational reliability of small packaging equipment, and develop cup-type aseptic packaging machinery products to fill domestic gaps. Correspondingly study various forms of sterilization and develop complete sets of equipment to meet various needs.

Nine, can making equipment

The development of mercury-free welding wheels and dedicated power supplies will increase production speeds to at least 80 mmin by the end of the fifteenth plan.

Tenth, heavy bag packaging equipment

To improve the quality and reliability of domestically-made semi-automatic sacks (above 25kg) for packaging machinery, and to actively research automatic packaging equipment with a production capacity of 600-800 bags h to meet the needs of the packaging industry.

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