Traditional Offset and Waterless Offset

Offset printing is one of the most important lithographic processes that are indirect printing. The ink is first transferred from the plate to an elastic medium, the blanket, and transferred to the substrate. The following two methods are usually used to achieve the hydrophilic effect on the plate (different roles of the ink and the plate surface).

Traditional offset printing

A dampening solution (water added with an additive) wets the printing plate, and the fountain solution is applied to the printing plate by a water roller to form a very thin water film. The non-image area of ​​the plate is hydrophilic, and water can be adsorbed, while the surface of the image area is oleophilic and almost completely hydrophilic. The fountain film prevents ink transfer. To date, due to the widest spread of this technology, the repulsion between ink and fountain solution has always been associated with “offset printing”. Therefore, "offset printing" requires wetting and inking systems.

2. Waterless offset printing

Waterless offset printing plates are usually oil-repellent and usually consist of a suitable layer of silicon. By exposing the silicon layer (about 2 microns thick) in advance, the lipophilic region is exposed. This process is "waterless offset printing" (often called "dry offset printing").

Traditional offset printing and waterless offset printing require corresponding printing plates and specialized inks.

Source: 21st Century Fine Chemicals Network

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