Transformer eye MM reveals the secret of beauty

Eye makeup is the most attractive place in the makeup, the most eye-catching place, so everyone wants to have a pair of attractive electric eyes. The focus of the glamour electric eye is the eyelashes, and the rigid lashes will not add extra points to the makeup, but it will make people feel strong makeup. Immediately teach you how to create eyelashes, everyone can change the eye MM.

How to clip out the perfect eyelashes

How to clip out the perfect eyelashes

First, how to clip out the perfect eyelashes

The first step in creating a moving pair is to put the eyelashes in a nice arc. Look at the mirror and lift your chin. Use the eyelash curler to clamp the lash root first, stay for three to five seconds, then stop in the middle of the clip for one second, and repeat this three times. I want the eyelashes to be more curled. After the curling, you can apply the transparent mascara once, and then clip it once after drying. Don't clip the eyelashes that are not dry, so that the eyelashes will stick to the eyelash curler and it will hurt the eyelashes. When you are done, start applying mascara.

How to create different eyelashes

How to create different eyelashes

Second, the method of creating different eyelashes

1, full of exaggerated eyelashes

This eyelash has the effect of lengthening the eyes. The steps to create are: After the eyelashes are curled, the upper and lower eyelashes are coated with long mascara. After drying out, use an eyeliner to attach a black eyeliner to the root of the eyelashes, then use your fingers to smudge. Apply a thick mascara. The technique is: first hold the mascara brush, shake it from the root of the lashes, and then, like the windshield wiper of the car, swing the lash brush to make up the eyelashes.

2, long and delicate eyelashes

If the eyelashes are short, it is recommended to brush two layers of long mascara. The method is to first gently brush the mascara brush on the paper towel, let the mascara evenly spread the brush head, then brush the eyelashes, dry it and then brush it a second time. Apply the eyelash brush to the root of the eyelashes and quickly brush up to the tip of the eyelashes. Remember: Brush faster to make the lashes clear and the eyes look bigger. When the mascara has not dried out, take a clean mascara brush and brush it to remove the agglomeration.

3, Barbie type eyelashes

In the past, if you painted such exaggerated eyelashes, others would think that you are "dressing tender", but now it is different. Barbie-type eyelashes "dream" theme is becoming more and more popular. After the eyelashes are pinched, the upper and lower eyelashes are coated with a thick mascara. After drying, then clip again, then apply a few layers of mascara. You can apply three layers of thick mascara, then brush your eyelashes with a ball-shaped mascara. The mascara brush should be flat and rhythmically brushed to brush up the effect.

Electric eyelash

Electric eyelash

Third, the electric eyelashes

Q: It is difficult to remove the mascara, especially the lower eyelids always leave a black mark. what should I do?

A: It is recommended that you use water and oil to separate the quick-acting eye makeup remover. This oil-based makeup remover is very useful. Use a cotton pad and cotton swab when using. First remove the makeup from the eye with a cotton pad and remove the makeup. You can also fold the cotton pad. Finally, use a cotton swab to remove the eyelashes.

Q: Soon after my eyelash curler, I went straight back. How can we last for a long time?

A: In addition to the root of the eyelashes, pull the eyelash curler one by one and clip it all the way to the eyelash tip. In this way, the eyelashes are naturally and lasting. Generally, the first straightening is the tail, so when applying makeup, it is enough to pull the eyelashes from the middle of the eyelashes and clip them to the eyelashes. Remember, the action is lighter, don't damage the "very precious" eyelashes.

Q: After painting your makeup, just rub your eyes and the lower eyelids will get mascara.

A: Because the skin of the lower eyelids is too moist. It is recommended to apply a concealer around the eyes before applying the mascara. Then, use an eye shadow brush to sweep the translucent powder under the eyes. Choose a light, thin mascara formula. If the lower eyelid is stained with mascara, remember to wipe it off with a cotton swab and oily makeup remover. Finally, add some powder.

Q: My eyelids are easy to get oil, and mascara will always get used to it. What should I do?

A: When cleaning your skin, remember to apply a non-alcoholic toner around the eyelids and brows, but do not apply eye cream. Then, apply a thin foundation to the eyelid area. It is recommended to use a creamy eye shadow because the mascara is more likely to stick to the powdery eye shadow. Finally, apply a long-lasting and waterproof mascara.

Q: I want to make my eyelashes too long, so I took false eyelashes. Anything to watch out for?

A: As the eyelashes grow, the false eyelashes will slowly fall off, usually one to two months. Do not wet the eyelashes due to bathing, swimming, etc. within 24 hours after receiving, because the glue has not dried out. Go to sleep on the first night, otherwise the eyelashes will be overwhelmed. Don't pull out the false eyelashes, you can use a small scissors to carefully cut off the curved eyelashes. Use a damp towel or a toner pad to gently remove the makeup. Do not use a cotton pad or cotton ball because the fibers stick to the eyelashes. Careful care to maintain the toughness of the eyelashes can keep the false eyelashes longer.

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