Trinocular biological microscope

Trinocular Biomicroscope Model: HAD-M8C I. Uses: HAD-M8C biological Microscope is widely used in biology, bacteriology, histology, medicinal chemistry and other research institutes. It can be used in clinical trials in medical schools. For teaching purposes. The biological microscope uses a binocular tube and artificial illumination. The illumination can continuously adjust the brightness and darkness, and the binocular tube can rotate 360 ​​degrees freely. Second, the technical parameters category technical parameters magnification 40 × -1600 × observation head hinge type trinocular head, 30o tilt eyepiece large field of view flat field eyepiece WF10 × objective lens magnification objective lens 4 × objective lens 10 × objective lens 40 × (S) objective lens 100 × (Oil) converter inward ball positioning four-hole converter * Stage double mechanical platform: 130mmX140mm, moving range: 40mmX75mm focusing mechanism coarse micro-coaxial focusing, micro-motion value: 2μm, focusing range 30mm condenser Mirror Abbe concentrator NA 1.25 with variable diaphragm light source Built-in LED lamp brightness continuously adjustable * The mirror has a reflective effect, the introduction of the latest foreign technology * Blue mirror has the role of protecting glasses, the introduction of the latest foreign technology


Student microscope is designed for tertiary institutions and primary and secondary schools, which convenient to observe biological slices, biological cells, bacteria and living tissue culture, fluid precipitation observation and research. It is widely used in teaching demonstration, biochemical experiments, clinical research ect. All products will have been strictly quality checked in factory before packing.

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