UV light oil residual odor causes and solutions

Symptoms: Cured prints have a pungent feeling.

Cause 1: Incomplete drying and curing.
Solution: Reduce the printing speed or increase the power of the light source.

Cause 2: Insufficient UV light source or lamp aging.
Solution: Replace, select the appropriate light source power. The high-pressure mercury lamps currently used have an average service life of about 1000 hours. With the use of lamps, the electrodes gradually decompose and the inner wall of the lamp tube is deposited. The transparency and the transparency of the ultraviolet light will gradually decrease. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly perform the lamps. Detect and replace the defective lamp in time to ensure that the UV ink is completely cured.

In addition, UV lamps must be taken care of. The quartz glass body of the UV lamp should not be held. Otherwise, the oil on the skin will adhere to the quartz glass; it is only possible to hold the ceramic end, or wear non- linen gloves. Whenever it comes in contact with the UV lamp, it can be wiped with an alcohol cleaning solvent after the contact to remove the grease from the lamp.

Cause 3: UV varnish has poor anti-oxidation capability.
Solution: Strengthen workshop ventilation and exhaust (wind) systems.

Cause 4: The non-reactive diluent in the UV varnish was added too much.
Solution: Replace the UV Varnish Varieties if necessary.
The UV varnish is a transparent body, and the ultraviolet rays do not have any obstacle from the upper layer to the lower layer.
When testing the quality, use a brush to apply UV Varnish to the surface of plain white paper or white cardboard, apply a thickness of about 0.5 mm or slightly thicker, and cure under UV light. If no air bubbles are produced on the surface of the coating after curing, the surface smoothness is very high, indicating that the quality of the purchased UV varnish is good.

Source: China Tobacco Packaging Ink Information Network

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