What is fiberboard?

1. Definition

The fiberboard is made of wood or vegetable fiber as the main raw material, mechanically separated into monomer fibers, added with additives to make slabs, and combined into a wood-based panel by hot pressing or adhesive. The thickness is mainly 3, 4, 5, 9, 12, 15 mm and the like. Due to the waterproof treatment, the fiberboard is less hygroscopic than wood, and has good shape stability and antibacterial properties.

Fiberboard is easy to finish. A variety of oily, colloidal paints can be applied to the fiberboard to make it beautiful and durable. The fiberboard itself is a beautiful decorative plate that can be applied to the structural parts that are decorated or need to be insulated. It can also be coated with various kinds of beautiful adhesive tape film and plastic veneer, veneer or light metal sheet. On the surface of the fiberboard.

Hard fiberboard is an excellent substitute for wood. It can be used for indoor floor decoration. It can also be used for interior wall decoration and decoration, making hard fiberboard indoor partition wall, and using double bread box to achieve sound insulation. Holes, hard fiberboard can also be used as a sound absorbing panel for ceiling construction projects.

2, classification and characteristics

According to the raw materials can be divided into: wood fiberboard, non-wood fiberboard; according to the treatment can be divided into: special hard fiberboard, ordinary hard fiberboard; according to the weight can be divided into: hard fiberboard (also known as high-density fiberboard), semi-rigid Fiberboard (also known as medium density fiberboard), softboard (also known as low density fiberboard).

1 The structure is not only uniform than the natural wood, but also completely avoids defects such as knots, corrosion, and insects, and the medium density fiberboard has small expansion and contraction;

2 easy to process, start the line;

3 The surface is flat and easy to paste the finish;

4 deformation is small, warping is small;

5 The internal structure is uniform and has high flexural strength and impact strength. The quality of fiberboard varies greatly.


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