What is the difference between Fangtai side suction hood jq25te, jq29te, jq03t?

The side suction range hoods of Fang Taifeng Rubik's Cube series are very powerful, but the price is also expensive, and friends with sufficient budget can consider starting. Recently, many friends have consulted me about the differences between the wind cube series machines? In fact, the main difference between the wind cube series machine is the material, size and detail design. For the sake of everyone, you can clearly understand the differences between Fangtai jq25te, jq29te and jq03t. Let me introduce you!

Fangtai jq25te, jq29te, jq03t side suction range hood

Let's first briefly understand these three machines. The materials of Fangtai jq25te and jq29te are easy-to-scrub paint steel plates, and the dimensions are 795mm long × 400 × high 580mm. Closed), JQ25TE surface paste material is glass, simple and stylish, the package is preferred with tempered glass stove; and JQ29TE surface paste material is acrylic, unique taste, versatile design.

The material of jq03t is stainless steel, the size is 895mm long x 435mm wide x 610mm high, the smoke separation board is fully automatic, and the material of jq03t's control panel is also acrylic.

In fact, the difference between jq25te and jq29te is the different materials of the control panel, you can choose according to your own preferences!

The difference between jq25te, jq29te and jq03t is: First, the operation of jq25te, jq29te semi-automatic smoke screen is more cumbersome than jq03t automatic smoke screen. Second, the body material is different, paint and stainless steel are very good. Third, the size is different, jq03t body size is larger than jq25te, jq29te. Fourth, the control panel design is different.

In fact, the machines of the JQ series all have the same core technology (auto boost, delay function, straight line direct suction), and the oil absorption effect is the best. The operation, size, material, and control panel design of the smoke screen are different. You can compare it.

Summary: The price of Fangtai side range hood q25te and jq29te are 3980 yuan, while the price of jq03t is 4680 yuan. Which one is better? This should not only be chosen according to your own budget, but also depends on your hobbies. My suggestion is to buy jq03t, stainless steel material is easy to clean, the automatic smoke screen is easy to operate, and the size is large enough to achieve better smoke effect. Although the price is higher than jq25te and jq29te, but the cost performance is high enough.

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