White fantasy 4 sliding door wardrobes give you a pure space

Recommended products: Schleif customized Lushuihe EO-level whole wardrobe

Reference price: 111.00 yuan / square

Door opening method: sliding door up and down

Style: Modern Chinese

Face material: melamine veneer

Guide rail material: alloy metal

Structural material: particle board

Editor's comment: This louver wardrobe looks very simple, but the embellishment of black flowers on the waistline makes the wardrobe a little more dynamic. As if being in nature, dancing in the air with the breeze.

Recommended products: Sofia sliding door wardrobe

Reference price: 298.00 yuan / meter

Material: wood

Finish: bright gold

Editor's comment: Sofia wardrobes use Nice Venetian blinds on the top and bottom, with black and white flower language in the middle, with luxurious European-style bedrooms. From the inside to the outside, from the outside to the inside, it adds a sense of comfort to home life.

Recommended products: [Thousands of Miles] Ocean Wave Wardrobe Sliding Door

Reference price: 197.25 yuan / square

Style: Modern Chinese

Material: PVC

Editor's comment: It seems to be similar to the appearance of an ordinary blind wardrobe. In fact, this blind has its own name-surfing blind. A closer look reveals that the surfing louver is an internal arc design. Under the projection of the light, the shadow is wavy near the frame.

Recommended products: Dinggu Daya E0 Acorn White Custom Whole Wardrobe

Reference price: 365.00 yuan / square

Style: European

Face material: melamine veneer

Guide rail material: alloy metal

Structural material: particle board

Editor's comment: This white wardrobe has a strong Korean style. You can see a variety of drawers when you open the cabinet door, which is convenient for daily storage. It is equipped with a color-shifting sliding door to let you enjoy a more perfect wardrobe.

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