Why is the price of building materials and furniture so difficult?

Home store attitude should be "tough"

Why is the home appliance industry able to achieve a clear price, but the home industry has not been moving? A person in charge of the appliance store who did not want to be named told the reporter that they are based on reasonable profits, and then refer to the price of similar products on the market, and regularly adjust the price tag of the product, the price of the same brand and model. No higher than the same city. "Because we have been very successful in implementing the actual price, many of our peers have come to find out how to operate. Some of the peers attribute the crux to the consumers, and believe that consumers like to chase the price, so it can not be implemented. In fact, in the end, it is the management of the enterprise itself. Institutional problems, before we implemented the clear price, we did a lot of meticulous research and preparation work, and the light rules and regulations system has compiled a thick book, and now the management difficulty has increased a lot."

"The situation of the home industry is similar to that of the home appliance industry. It is mainly based on rental stores. If the home industry wants to implement a unified price, it will not only require the cooperation of the merchants, but also the store itself. The home store must learn from the appliance stores. Their own 'rules of the game', mandatory for merchants to receive a unified cash register, the implementation of the price of the code. But this process is very difficult, if not done well, it will be counterproductive." An industry insider pointed out that the home industry businesses rely more on the store Survival, but the store has implemented "putting sheep management" for the merchants, and it is also a blind eye to the pricing of the merchants. He believes that the experience of IKEA, B&Q, and home music stores is worthy of reference from other stores. The store should come up with its own tough attitude. "Develop your own rules and regulations at the beginning of the store." Just out of the game, in order to ensure that the actual price of the code is really implemented.

Why is the price of building materials and furniture so difficult?

Every renovated owner has such a bargaining experience, and a little careless will make you feel bad. Recently, the owner, Miss Yan, encountered an annoyance about the price: the price of furniture was negotiated three times and five times, but the merchants “sit on the ground” before signing the order. When the reporter understood the situation, the merchants did not live to the reporters: the owners bargained too much, and the price could not be sold. Insiders pointed out that bargaining for building materials and furniture has become a common practice in the home furnishing industry for many years. To promote the actual price, consumers have to change the habit of bargaining!

Talking about a good price, it will change.

At the beginning of July, Miss Ms. Yu saw the furniture of the brand name Tosca in a store in Qiaobei. In order to buy the favorite furniture at the cheapest price, Miss Yan ran to Tosca in a row. I hope to cut the price down. "In order to buy this set of furniture, I went four times before and after, and I spent three or four hours with the salesperson in the first two times." Kung Fu pays off, after two rounds of talks, the final offer of the merchant makes Ms. Yan very satisfied. , "a set of sofas, a boss table, a dining table, two horizontal bookcases, two open bookshelves, two TV cabinets, a 1.5-meter bed, a bedside table and a shoe cabinet, quoted at 16,600 yuan, Also promised to send a small bookshelf and matching chairs."

On August 2nd, the two sides decided to sign the order. Miss Yan came to Tosca for the third time, but the merchants changed. "The second time we have already negotiated the price of 16,600 yuan, but this time the merchant proposed to add 300 yuan on the basis of the total price before the transaction, let me pay 16,900 yuan." Miss Yan said that the increase of 300 yuan Including the material cost of changing the bed board 100 yuan, but another 200 yuan is very inexplicable, the business did not give a clear reason.

In addition, the bookshelves and chairs that the merchant originally promised to give away did not want to be sent. "On the second day of the signing, the merchant called me and said that because this time it was a loss sale, the gifts can only be sent the same, I did not agree; they said that if both gifts are wanted, I must pay 150 more. Yuan. "The original furniture that can be bought for 16,600 yuan, but now it is necessary to add a few hundred dollars out of thin air, Miss Yan feels unacceptable. To this end, this Tuesday, she once again came to the Tosca brand store to return, and got back a 500 yuan deposit, but the business did not agree.

Bargaining is too low to be profitable

I already talked about the price, why did I suddenly increase the price when I signed the order? In an interview with reporters, a staff member of Tosca told reporters that the price of 16,600 yuan is not the price given by the merchant, but the price unilaterally recognized by Miss Yan. "She has ordered a lot of things. If the manufacturer has no profit at the price of 16,600 yuan, she has always insisted that the price is not loose." The staff recalled that because the price of Miss Yan was too low, they could not be the master, so they signed When the order was placed, they faxed the order to the factory headquarters. The price of 16,900 yuan was determined by the staff of the headquarters and Miss Yan.

“The manufacturer later calculated the order and found that the profit was too small to send bookshelves and chairs as gifts.” The staff said that they had discussed with Miss Yan if they could only send one gift, and did not mention the price increase of 150 yuan. Afterwards, the boss also said that since the customer has already promised to give gifts, he can't quit, even if he loses money, he must fulfill his promise. According to the reporter, although the price on the final order is 16,900 yuan, the original price of Tosca furniture is not low. The set of five-piece sofa purchased by Miss Yan is more than 9,000 yuan. "She cut the price too much, and bought a total of 12 pieces of furniture, which cost less than 17,000 yuan, which is very cost-effective."

For the request for the return of the lady and the request for the deposit, the staff said that since Miss Yan signed the order, it indicated that she had already agreed to order, and the factory had already opened the production, so it could not be satisfied. “Some of the products she ordered are non-standard sizes, and since they are already produced, they cannot be returned.”


Bargaining really should be changed

Everyone knows that there are some discounts on buying building materials, so few people will look at the original price, only concerned about the final transaction price, as long as the transaction price reaches their psychological price. When the reporter asked Ms. Yan about the original price of the furniture she bought, she said that she did not see the original price at the time.

Nowadays, many merchants like the virtual price, and the price of a lamp is tens of thousands. As for the transaction price, it depends on the price of the consumer. If you want to implement a clear price, consumers must fully cooperate and change the bargaining habits. The relevant person in charge of the Suming Lighting Chain said that Su Ming has been implementing the clear price since last year for more than half a year. “At the beginning, many consumers are not used to it. They choose to use the lighting and want to make a counter-offer. If they don’t come down, they want a gift.” The person in charge said that most consumers have developed the habit of bargaining. Consumer psychology and habits to some extent condone the price of the merchants and are not willing to implement the price.

A brand furniture agent told reporters that they had also implemented a "price", but customers did not buy it, but still have to counter-offer. "The price of the furniture industry is opaque, so most of the merchants will first push the price to the high standard, and then according to the financial resources of different consumers, depending on the degree of bargaining, give different discounts."

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