Wrigley bathroom AB1116 one-piece toilet streamline shape strong flush

The decoration of a new house is one of the major events in the family, and the decoration of the bathroom is particularly important. Among the roles of bathroom decoration, the toilet is particularly important, because the quality of the toilet directly affects your daily life. Poor quality toilets will bring a lot of troubles and hidden dangers to daily life in the future. There are many brands of toilets on the market, but the quality is not the same. It is not easy to choose a toilet that is both satisfactory, good quality, and relatively affordable. Today, choosing a toilet is not just a matter of looking at the style, asking the price, and touching the glaze. The core elements such as the material, water parts and pipes are the most difficult to identify. The editor recommended for you in this issue is the Wrigley Wrigley Wrigley Wrigley AB-1116 one-piece toilet. Its simple and elegant appearance, strong flushing, environmental protection and water saving, I hope it can be used as a reference for the decoration owner.

Wrigley bathroom AB1116 one-piece toiletWrigley bathroom AB1116 one-piece toilet

Evaluation time April 20, 2011 evaluation site Tiexi District Meikailong layer Wrigley bathroom store brand evaluation Wrigley bathroom (toilet Wrigley Wrigley Wrigley toilet Quote Forum) product evaluation Wrigley bathroom AB1116 piece toilet Specifications 720 * 370 * 720 main material ceramic product characteristics streamline design strong flushing wear-resistant and dirty-resistant applicable places bathroom evaluation project appearance material function

Streamline design is simple and elegant

Wrigley AB-1116 toilet all-in-one design, simple and elegant appearance, smooth lines, moderate size, streamlined style is full of dynamic and fashionable taste, adapt to a wide range of decoration styles, classic wild style, never outdated.

There are two types of toilets, one-piece and one-piece. The water tank of the one-piece toilet is integrated with the base. The lower part of Wrigley AB-1116 one-piece toilet is all-inclusive design, with smooth lines and good overall effect, and it does not leave any sanitary corners and is easy to clean.

Glazed delicate white and bright

When you buy a toilet, you must pay attention to the glazed surface. The glazed surface is clean and dense. The water and dirt are not easy to penetrate, easy to clean, which is beautiful and easy to clean. According to reports, when choosing a toilet, pay attention to whether the thickness of the enamel is uniform and whether the color of the enamel is consistent. Products with higher gloss have higher density and are easier to clean. Wrigley AB-1116 one-piece toilet adopts nano-microcrystalline self-cleaning glaze, which has strong anti-fouling ability and can be cleaned with any detergent. It is simple and convenient to clean.

The toilet is glazed all over, the glaze is bright and white, and there are no defects or trachoma under close glance. Touch by hand, smooth inside and outside, feel good.

High temperature ceramic deodorant and crack prevention

The Wrigley AB-1116 ceramic embryo body is fired in a 115-meter-long tunnel kiln at a high temperature of up to 1268 ° C for 18 hours. The product quality is stable, the vitrification degree is high, and the water absorption rate is less than 0.2%. Its advantages are low water absorption, no discoloration, odor and cracking. The tester tapped the toilet with his hand, the sound was crisp and loud, indicating that the quality of the ceramic was good.

Siphon flushing thickening pipeline

The flushing of the toilet is directly determined by the design of the pipeline, and the way of flushing is also related.

The Wrigley AB-1116 one-piece toilet is a jet siphon flush. It uses the vacuum principle to drain the water and then change the water. The sound is low, and the flush strength is not easy to block. At the same time, the height of the water seal is more than 50mm, which is far higher than the national standard. It has a good flushing function and has a good mute and odor isolation effect.

The Wrigley toilets are all glazed with full pipes. The evaluator reaches into the toilet's dirty mouth with his hand. The feel is smooth and the same as the porcelain on the surface. The thickened drain outlet design, combined with the siphon flushing method, makes the flushing more powerful and cleaner.

Slow down cover safety mute

The cover plate of Wrigley AB-1116 is made of polymer engineering material ABS, which is the same as the material of aviation aircraft windows. The cover plate is added with antioxidant, which is not easy to change color and aging, and has strong impact resistance. There are also anti-collision rubber buttons on the inner side of the cover and the seat cushion respectively, which are anti-wear and anti-collision.

The slow-damp damping device ensures that the toilet lid lifts up and down gently, which is safer and noiseless during use, and also ensures the service life.

Water-saving and environmental protection

The quality of the water piece determines whether the toilet is used normally, and more than 90% of the problematic toilet problems appear on the water piece. When purchasing, be sure to check the water parts carefully. It is best to install them before leaving the factory. The inspector carefully observed this toilet water piece and found that it has a compact structure, sensitive and reliable movable connection parts, and has the original logo, and the quality is guaranteed.

Wrigley AB-1116 adopts a jet siphon flushing method that can quickly discharge sewage in three seconds, ensuring low water consumption, one-time flushing, low-carbon energy saving. The product's 3 / 6-liter two-stage flush design fully caters to the trend of environmental protection and water saving.

Ergonomically designed to sit comfortably

The shape of the Wrigley toilet seat and the height of the toilet are designed according to ergonomics, and the sitting feel is comfortable, and the legs will not be sore for a long time.

Wrigley bathroom AB1116 one-piece toilet

Wrigley AB-1116 jet siphonic one-piece toilet has a simple and elegant design, streamlined shape is elegant and beautiful, can be used in any style of bathroom decoration, classic and fashionable. Advanced manufacturing technology, excellent quality, anti-pollution and deodorization, safe mute, environmental protection and water saving. The design size is moderate and can be used for both small and large units. It is a cost-effective product.

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