Yoga, things you don't know

Other; text-align: justify; line-height: 22.0000pt;">   Regarding yoga, I believe that you must be familiar with the benefits of yoga. I believe that you can also say a few. But in fact there are some yoga effects that may not be what you think. Want to know the truth about yoga? Can it help to lose weight, or can it alleviate asthma? Let's take a look at it and see which one is the right option?


1. Can yoga relieve back pain?

The answer is: correct

Studies have shown that yoga can relieve pain, and the Endogenous Medicine Yearbook mentions that yoga is even more effective than traditional exercise for relieving back pain.

2, yoga can slim down?

The answer is: correct

The extent to which you rely on yoga to slim down depends on how often you do yoga, as well as your diet, which is a must.

Of course, it also tends to be sporty - obviously Ashtanga Yoga, also known as Power Yoga. Compared to meditation yoga, Power Yoga burns more calories and helps you build muscle curves that create more calories.


A woman weighing 140 pounds can burn 460 calories in an hour of strength yoga, while traditional yoga can only burn about 170 calories. Want to try it?

3. Can yoga cure asthma?

The answer is: wrong

Many people with asthma believe that doing certain types of breathing techniques can help them alleviate symptoms.

But research published in the medical journal Thorax believes that yoga full breathing does not belong to one of them. Several participants installed testers on their bodies to mimic breathing techniques, but as a result, their asthma symptoms did not get any relief.

4. Does yoga make your skin look younger?

The answer is: wrong

You may have seen this statement many times. Yoga can make your skin condition better, but in fact yoga itself can relax your facial muscles, but it does not improve your skin condition.

However, making some correct yoga choices, such as exercise, avoiding alcohol, and ensuring adequate sleep, will certainly not hurt you.


5. Can yoga relieve carpal tunnel pain?

The answer is: correct

In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers found that yoga regimen can help relieve pain and increase the grip of patients with carpal tunnel syndrome.


Looking at the above points, is it different from the yoga knowledge you have learned in the past? In fact, no matter what kind of exercise you choose, as long as the right amount is appropriate, it will definitely bring some benefits to the body. So, for your good body, exercise a lot!


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